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Avery Conquer is an oldschool server and for the most part based on the state of the game from the official servers between 2007 and 2013.

Since the same state as it was back then would be pretty boring nowadays, we have upgraded it and especially added all the established Quality of Life features. We have kept as much as possible to the original in order to recreate the same feeling, but adapted everything so that it would fit today's standards.

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Warrior Armor:Their armors are heaviest and strongest. Weapons: Warriors can use any weapons, except for bow and backsword. Special: The "Superman" XP Skill is unique, possessed only by the Warrior. When activated it causes a death blow, decupled damage!
Ninja A mysterious figure, cloaked in shadow. Ninjas are the fastest class with the most devastating attacks, but the lowest defense and health of all. The ninja is an expert of stealth, specialized in guerrilla warfare. Relying on agility and reflexes, ninjas frown upon the use of heavy armors. Type: Physical Skill: The ninja's unique skill is Poison Star, which makes it much more difficult for the ninja's opponents to drink potions.
Trojan The Trojan is an all-out offensive melee combat class. Wielding their dual weapons, they charge fearlessly into combat. However, Trojans have low defense compared to Warriors, so have to be careful when taking on mobs of enemies, as they can be overpowered by numerous opponents. Type: Physical Style: The Trojans have but one special fighting style, the dual weapon style.
Archer Archers are the ones who struggle with bows to be the masters of them. They are not only proficient in attacking enemies from a distance but also shooting multiple targets. Because of this, they excel as born hunters and power levelers. Type: Mixed Style: The Archer can shoot at multiple targets, concentrate on one target, or use magical arrows.
VIT Magic Mane
Tao It's able to learn a wide selection of devastating skills and magic, and proved to be the most dangerous magic-users. Armor: The robes grant substantial protection to the Taoists. Special: Taoists' power comes from the wide range of magic.
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